Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trojan Profile: Brandon Hancock

Name: Brandon Hancock

Number: 40
Class: redshirt junior
Position: fullback
Hometown: Fresno, CA

Siblings: one sister
Roommates: I live by myself in a studio

Girlfriend: No
Dream girl: Kelly Monaco
Most attractive characteristic in a girl: sense of humor
Least attractive characteristic in a girl: arrogance

Non-football role model: Lance Armstrong
Non-football highlight: Graduating with the team-high GPA
Best sport other than football: Cycling (after injuring my knee it was my main form of exercise)
Career other than football: entertainment law or a sports attorney

Scares you: spiders
Formerly slept with a stuffed animal: Yes, Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Surprising fact: I have a 3.89 GPA, I eat 7,000 calories a day

Specialty in the kitchen: the bare essentials, steak and egg whites

Favorite professional football team: Cincinnati Bengals
Favorite professional football player: Mike Alstott (that's why I wear #40)

Opponent you dislike the most: Cal because a good friend of mine plays for them

Funniest teammate: Formerly Matt Clay Matthews
Prettiest: Thomas Williams
Most athletic: Reggie Bush
Most humble: Taitusi "Deuce" Lutui

Funniest Trojan moment: When linebackers coach Nick Holt gave a long-winded Kentucky Derby analogy and impersonated a horse (Holt is now head coach at the University of Idaho)

Pete Carroll in one word: Competitor

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